Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Story time...not diecast related but car related

Wanna know how i got my license?

Obviously getting my permit and such. But the way i learned and practice was a bit...different.....


The way i practiced my drivers test at the dmv was using forza 3, cockpit view, and stick shift using the trigger as the clutch.

So i practiced on benchmark track (big ol' parking lot). I practiced backing around a corner, u-turn, and using my.mirrors to know how close i am to the curb and also using my mirrors on parking. Since there was an e46 m3 and my car is an e46 325xi...i thought it was the same...except my car is Auto but still.


So i practiced for 3 days straight before i went to get my.license.

I passed my test first try with one error...which is the only error i never knew or.used ever....signalling to show you are pulling over to the side to park....i forgot to use it and it was my only mistake. Other than that i did good!


Literally 10 minutes after i got my.license i hit 60 in a was a clear road with open land for about a mile.

I got my license a year and a half after i got my permit.

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