So I've been seeing posts of stuff for trading and I really like the idea. I always post items for trade in reply posts but never post it as its own standalone post, so this is a first for me. This opportunity also gave me a chance to try out my new set up for photographing cars. My first light box style photography. So 2 firsts back to back, day well spent. I said light box style because it isn't a box at all; it's actually just 2 pieces of large white envelopes I laid down on my bed with light coming from behind me through my bedroom window. I tried printing paper but they were too soft so the cars will roll all over the place plus these envelopes are slightly bigger than the printing paper. Speaking of cars, I spent some time last night looking through my collection and noticed a few cars that I'm willing to part with. There are both loose and carded cars in this pile, some are not included in this post because some were already spoken for and are still negotiating to a confirmed trade.

Lets get started on the loose cars, first up are the vintage luxury cars:

Talbot Lago "Teardrop" coupe

Mercedes 540k

Vintage Cadillac


Next are the Real-Riders category:

Ford Popular Ozzy Osborne edition


Deco Delivery with AC/DC tampo

Dodge Airflow? With Supergirl tampo


1966 TV Series Batmobile

Custom Beetle (vdubyajohn, you might be interested)


Chevy Impala for low rider fans

Next are the miscellaneous:

Buick Grand National


Nissan 300zx (Z31, door opens)

Last but not least, the carded cars that are up for grabs:


6 THs and one mainline KITT, anyone want close up pics of each packaged cars feel free to put it in the comments.

What I'm looking for are exotics (Ferraris, Porsches, etc) show me what you've got and we can go from there.

I'm really pleased with how the photos came out in this post, the experiment is success. However, there are still room for improvements, more adjustments are required and when all else fails, I'll rely on the photo editing softwares.


As always, thank you for looking at my posts.