Big things with little cars

StumbleBee® (IMHO) & HWEPY New Year!

There was a time when I’d have been all over this, in fact, I was; back when KB Toyworks had them on an end cap for $1 each. I used to send them to all the folks in my VW Toy groups as a joke. But, like the poltergeist, they’re baaaaackk

$7.86 at the wal store, beFORE tax.
Really? wow.. I should have saved a few!
But it gets a little better, for Honda Odyssey fans, I finally saw the whole Street Fighters set, and I’m old. I have no clue who any of these fighters are. But, to start the New Year off on a HWEPY note, I picked up two for trade bait.


Update: I googled it, it’s a game.
I saw a tiny Ms PacMan console at wally’s, almost got one. At least I knew all the characters’

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