As the world prepares to see British superstar Lewis Hamilton (attempt to) equal the late great Juan Manuel Fangioā€™s five Formula One driversā€™ world titles this weekend at the CoTA in Austin, Texas, I have here the 1/43 scale model of the Merc F1 car that he took to his second world title and Mercedesā€™s first of many in the current 1.6L turbo hybrid era...

This is a partworks magazine series by Panini called ā€˜Formula 1 The Car Collectionā€™. It has been around in the UK and Australasia for over two years. Recently it just landed in Malaysia/Singapore shores, so Iā€™m grateful my prayers were answered!

This is issue no.3, which features a 1/43 scale model of Hamiltonā€™s 2014 Merc W05 Hybrid. The model itself isnā€™t of the highest quality, but for the price you pay it is acceptable. Minichamps, it ainā€™t, but hey, you get what you pay for. You get fairly accurate bodywork replication, decent tampos, and nice rubber tyres. Although if I want to nitpick, when you do see these models in your local newsagent, you do have to sift through a few of the issues to ā€˜selectā€™ the nicest ones. Thatā€™s because most of the come with loose rear wings, wonky antennas, or bent axles. So you do have to choose wisely. Haha.


But having said that, I canā€™t wait to see the other models come through. Iā€™m fairly happy to get decently-prices F1 models through this magazines series. As a long-time F1 fan, I find itā€™s ridiculous to pay so much for Minichamps replica models. This is one way to satisfy the collectors while not burning a hole in the pockets...!

Thanks for viewing!