Successful LaLD meet-up and diecast show

I’m on vacation in Florida and it is a stark contrast to Colorado weather-wise. I feel like I get slapped in the face with a warm towel every time I go outside due to the high humidity. But that didn’t stop me from venturing out to meet up with The Bell King for a quick visit and meet-up at a monthly diecast show in South Orlando. And it was absolutely worth it! First off, TBK and I have had an ongoing trade that has produced some great stuff for my collection and this was no exception.

Trans Am winner celebrating Javelin is way cool! All of this is great for my collection.

I knew about the Mustang, HD Trucks Ford / Cobra and I’ll let TBK explain the Hako. The Winnie and Javelin were unexpected and are absolutely awesome!


The show and sale produced some good take-aways as well. It’s an overwhelming show with a little bit of most things. Redlines in near mint/MOC conditions to stuff you can find in your local stores to RLC cars

. I say most because there were some series not represented but you could find something to buy there regardless. Here’s what I ended up with.

The new Skyline was a must as I’ll probably not see it in my area. I also have the newest Mustang $TH now as well as an old TH Mustang and several that were missing from my collection. The GT40 is insane to me as I picked it up for $5.


Overall, a successful trip to the show and TBK is as nice as they come. I wish our time wasn’t so brief but life gets in the way sometimes. I enjoyed the short time we did get to hang out though and am very happy I got to meet him. Thank you TBK, for helping to make my vacation that much more enjoyable.

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