I’m very amateur in terms of photography. But I should be able to pick up tips and tricks quickly. Any suggestions on how to improve my shots?

This an example of my something I’m trying to shoot. I’m doing this in a low light setting and getting results close to Lamley’s but they’re still a bit fuzzy. There’s also a huge glow coming from this car’s light-blue brightness. There’s also debris on my desk (I was probably too lazy to wipe clean). Any suggestions on improving these shots? No need for long descriptions, an article to point to will help. I barely even know a thing about ISO and exposure.

Items I have available: phone (Samsung Galaxy S7 with manual Pro mode and Selective Focus for pan focus), sports card display stand (to hold phone), mouse for phone, 2x 1600 lumen 5000k light bulbs, 2x 1600 lumen 3300k light bulbs, desk lamp with easily adjustable neck plus 400lm 5000k and 800lm 3000k bulbs I swap all the time, cheap Ikea desk lamp, paper towels, rubber bands, white desk, and more light bulbs