Fairly recently, Frosted announced that he was conducting a summertime photo contest. I have decided to give it a shot!

I’ll start things off with my summertime drop top convertibles and cabriolets! (Scale: 1/64)

(Scale: 1/32, maybe 1/18?)


Drop Top Convertibles and Cabriolets are a sure sign that summer is in full swing, as we all know, because people want to get the wind in their hair, and to take in the summer views. All of these are from childhood, because I’m only 15, most are in good condition. The Toymax BMW Z8 is a Radio Shack special, and does light up, but the scale is not listed, so I have to assume that it is a 1/18.

Next are my outdoor camper, and trailer with truck, and VW Beach Camp Bus. (Scale: 1/64)


People love to go camping in the summer! They also love to go to the beach. Matchbox’s VW Bus has tampos advertising a Beach Camp in El Segundo, California where you can have a “Fun-Time in the Summertime”! People also love their water-sports, so the Matchbox F-Series Pickup advertises water-sport tampos, telling you to “Please call us for boat rental rates”! (The Ridgeline is my favorite!)

Lastly is my MBX Beach Patrol Team!


If people are heading for the beaches, you need a patrol team! There are tampos on the Mercedes and trailer advertising the S.C.U.B.A. team, and they all are equipped with tons of off-road beach patrol gear made within the castings themselves!

If I have misunderstood the rules, and only one picture can be chosen out of many, I would have to choose my Z8/Cobra team picture! (I think it’s the best in my opinion) If you think other wise, Frosted, you can choose differently! 😊


Thank you for viewing, vote for me (no pressure, pick fairly), and good luck to my fellow competitors!