From having the same vehicle since I was 7 and now own my parents 96 Caravan, you couldn't help picking up a replica of a vehicle you ride in. In 97 I saw this and immediately begged to get this.

Little did I know is that I still have it and wrote a review about my 97 Hotwheels Dodge Caravan.

Mommy mobile, purple, that 90's 3 spoke rims, who would buy such a thing? Oh... that would be me :P

Looks sporty. caravan graphics with lazily cut off letters and Dodge written in cursive.


Great detail on the back.


Interior is spot on for such a small vehicle.

I always thought it was a Voyager, but the Caravan Sport has a grill like that and the fog lights.


100% accurate chassis. For such a mundane vehicle, Hotwheels sure did an awesome job. Every detail from the catalytic converter to the resonator to the tiny spare tire is detailed.


I don't think the Caravan ever has a sunroof? Huge windshield is very accurate.

Overall this is one fine detailed minivan. Although no sliding doors like the 1st gen, but makes up for it in detail. Should be in a museum, but no one would want it :P