I guess you could say I had a good day hunting.

At the first booth this Datsun 240Z super was waiting to be taken home. I could have left the second I got it and had a great day but some great stuff would have been missed. The Plymouth Petty car was a nice surprise. I’ve never seen a bagged HW like it.

Of course I’m not leaving the camaro behind. It will soon be DLM to fully enjoy. Who collects Volvo? I picked up this green Corgi Junior Volvo 245 DL with the intention of finding a Volvo loving home for it.


Next up is Redline number 2 the Ford MK IV. This thing looks fresh off the card. Not a single chip in the paint.


And my favorite find of the day is the Matchbox King Size Racing Car Transporter.

It’s the perfect home for the Lotus and BRM I scored early this week.