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Sunday Hawl

Hello all, haven’t posted in awhile due to technical difficulties. Anywho had a great Hawl this weekend!

A good buddy of mine that knows I enjoy the hunt found a few good ones!


Tread air T-hunt! Also, a Fiat 500 T-hunt misprint card!

He also gave me a pointer that a ShopKo had a nice dump bin. So while on that side of town I took a peek. Ended up finding pretty much everything I’ve been hunting for!

Not a big Chevy guy but all three of those are nice casts! Finally a brat!


We have the ST-hunt evo somewhere in the house. Grabbed this one because you can’t have enough evos.


A batman tumbler and “the bat”. Poor lighting but cool casts.


3 casts I’ve been hunting for like a maniac! 180sx!!!!! Mad manga and the superbird!


Another nsx to the collection (I think we’re at 2 red and 2 white ones now) and a Volkswagen caddy. Not a fan of the supra or frs livery, but I enjoy the cars so I picked them up. Well it was a good Hawl, thanks for taking a look!

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