I responded to a Craigslist ad for old Matchbox. Not knowing what to expect, but being tired of a recent dry spell (in terms of finding Regular Wheels), I drove into the city and took a gamble. I actually bought a few things. Not yard sale prices, not dealer prices, I will say flea market prices. A number of models owned by the seller had more wear than I prefer, or very damaged boxes - I only picked what I liked and/or needed for my collection, and were in nice condition. Here's the lot:

Strange coincidence - one of the cars is one I was going to review today, and will post later. I now have 4 of them - a model I collect as I have a real car that is related to the model. A couple scarce things in the lot, and some castings I just like. The models are mint and the boxes decent, save for a little wear and rough box on the 22b Cresta. But that model is one collectors like in any condition. Fun to find something new.