Today’s swap meet run was unusually prolific. Most of these are out of mixed bins, so they are a little worn, but some are in very nice condition,

First up, a KINSMART HO scale LAPD Chevy Caprice. I grabbed this with the intent of performing a wheel swap on my LJN Squad 51, which has been wheelless for years now. Unfortunately, I am kind of liking it, so those plans may change. Next, the MBX Landcruiser with ANACONDA tampo on the side. The MBX Breakdown Van looks to be a Chevy Van, cut down and fitted with a towing crane. I intend to fit a wire towing hook, once I research what the original looked like. Last for this one is the MBX motorhome, with opening rear ramp (not shown). I bought this with the intent of donating it’s wheels to an idea I have for the HW 71 Plymouth Satellite wagon (cough, LAPD, cough)

JL Cougar ragtop, the windscreen is damaged, a large chunk out of it. I may drill this and see if I can repair with some sheet styrene or blister pack plastic. Don’t know if I can replicate the “smoked glass” look. Hood opens, so points for that.

The Maisto Jag XK8 is very cool, but for that the windscreen has popped out of the frame, and I’ll have to be super careful getting it back in.


Beetle!! Oval window HW Beetle, at that. It has been painted over on the top and sides, so there may have been tampos that the previous owner didn’t like. also, bent rear axle, so, into the stripper, and a wheel swap is coming. Metal base, as well.

Last, MBX Volvo C30, I have the gold and blue versions as well, so I think this may complete the set.


Bluebird Rally! HW with quite possibly the ugliest wheels I have seen. Also, HW Ferrari 365 GTB/4. Metal-based beauty, had to have it. 1970 Pontiac GTO Judge, maybe a 100%er? Metal base, really sharp wheels. And the Maisto VW AllStars square back, bought as a wheel donor, except only has 2 tires. May go into the stripper, and then a repaint and wheel swap for it as well.

Carded MBX Firebird Formula 400. This may be set free, and reside on my desk at work. I like the Formula far more than the “Fire Chicken” T/A.


Also, the CARS movie version of a ‘59 Impala. Bought, once again, as a wheel donor.

Overall, a good day. Now I have to make up my mind about a few of these. Thanks for looking!