I was able to run by my walmart this morning since I didn’t have to take my son to school (he’s out sick). Lo and behold, the same guy from the other walmart was there. The guy I ran into a few weeks ago who found the STH Acura. Anyway, I guess there’s an employee that is willing to go pull out the new cases of hot wheels for him if he’s there on the right day. I was just fortunate to get there before they even started.

So we looked through everything simultaneously and I was the one who found the STH Porsche! It came up pretty early; I think we looked through about 7 or 8 cases as the lady dumped them out. So that’s cool! He suggested we swap numbers for when there’s new stock coming out like that, or in case either of us finds duplicate STH’s we could work a trade or something.

There’s some other really good stuff in this case as well. The 2005 mustang with the adjustable chin, the new Raptor, the blue P1, a pretty cool Greenwood ‘Vette, and a bunch of other good things. Happy hunting!