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Super Bowl Sunday Showcase Spectacular: Centennial Edition

Hello and welcome to a very special edition of Sunday Showcase. Seeing that the NFL is celebrating the Super Bowl’s half-centennial today, why not showcase a car that signified a full centennial for America’s oldest car brand? This week, the focus is on the crowning jewel of my collection, a 1997 Oldsmobile Aurora 100th Anniversary Edition.


As previously mentioned, this is the crowning jewel of my collection. It’s rare and, for a car without opening doors or a hood, pretty detailed.

It comes from a limited run of 2,500 manufactured by the now-defunct Brooksfield Collectors Guild to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Oldsmobile.


This has a bit of a story behind it. I initially purchased one for $13.50 (I know right?) off eBay, but a lot of confusion happened when I was shipped the wrong car and then instructed by the seller to ship that car to another guy who had gotten my Olds. The guy who had my olds promptly cut off communication and the seller refunded my order.


Months later, I found another on eBay and ended up paying about $40 with shipping purely because of how desperately I wanted this car. This time I finally got it.


This car has the most detailed underside I’ve ever seen. You can’t really see it from this pic though. And the interior has decent detail, a lot of fake wood trim and creases in the seats and the like.


And of course, it comes with a certificate of authenticity :) It has a bit of paint on it from rubbing up against the car. And shop_teacher, you were *just* off on the color :)

I might post a full review of this car later. For now, that’s all. Have a nice night and enjoy the big game!

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