No...exactly the opposite! So here’s my take on how this went down. First, though, let me give you the background story. Walking down my fav isle in Wally World and of course, didn’t find anything...but this story is not about my poor pitiful diecast hunting’s about dishonesty! Ok, so there I was, skimming the HW section and lo and behold, what the heck is this???

That....ummm...sure doesn’t look like any casting I’m aware of.

Taking a closer look:

After shaking the box a bit, this vehicle came apart. This is a rubber eraser car thingy...


Wait, back to my first sentence of this whole post. My guess is that somebody spotted a car they wanted in a 3 pack but thought the price was too high just for a single car. So they bought the pack, took it home, caaaaaaaarefully opened the side flap, took out the car they wanted, replaced it with the blue car, then caaaaaaaaaarefully glued it back and returned it for a FULL refund! One can now assume the Returns dept gladly refunded their money and now here it is back on the shelf for resale.

So, if you look carefully, you’ll see the glue splotches: