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Super Duty Saturday: Racing Champions Ford F-350

Years ago, long before the recent resurrection of the brand, Racing Champions had some halfway decent castings. Most of them were treated with contemporary NASCAR liveries at some point, but they usually got some nice normal paint jobs as well. This is one of the latter, as you can tell.


In all honesty, the Ford F-350 is my favorite Racing Champions casting. Back when it was new, this was one of the better detailed 1/64 models money could buy. And it still holds up well today.

Oh yeah, that hood opens. It’s incredible how well it fits when shut and how small the gaps around it are. Very few companies have executed an opening panel on a 1/64 so well. If only they had done as well on the tailgate...


Regardless, this is still an excellent model. The tampos are superb. The color is mundane but interesting on a big pickup. If the color doesn’t do it for you, I believe it’s also available in a plain black or bright red. And the choice of an extended cab here instead of the more common super or regular cab is awesome as well.


The only problem with this one- and it doesn’t show in the pictures- is the size. It’s noticeably smaller than 1/64 and would be dwarfed by more recent Greenlight half-tons. But still, an all around excellent piece.

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