So I haven’t been out hunting in quite a while due to school, but I finally had a weekend off today so I figured I would just hit up the local Walmart and see what they had. I hadn’t been to this Walmart in a while but I might have to start making more frequent trips. They had 2 separate dump bins plus a ton of shelf space full. The only downfall for the day was I didn’t find the new Porsche or Mini-Van and the 180SX still eludes me, but I did manage to snag a myself an Acura Super Treasure, I did a double take when I picked it up in my hand. I also managed to pick up a few of the new Matchbox cars as well and a 5 pack I have never seen before. All in all a pretty good score.

Walmart Christmas cars


Matchbox 5 pack and two homer sedans I found at Dollar General

Heritage Porsche, Mystery Cars, those are the gold corvettes based on the number on the package


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