I haven’t lived in the ‘80s to say if that period was really good, but if I am to go by what I see now, and picture myself an image of ‘80s, it could have been a really nice period to live in. Especially with the shapes of cars that came in the era lol.

t has been quite a while since I have sat down to write something for LaLD, as the focus shifts from die cast to plastic kit builds.

That has not stopped the occasional venture into Tomica, HW Car Culture / Retro and the likes though. I am still waiting to receive the Forza set, which is at the hands of a fellow collector, and Scott’s reviews made me really miss them for the moment lol. The Tessa was documented earlier as well, and the Lambo came quite some time back. Decided to bring them together for a shoot.

There is a huge affection for me for the two cars pictured here. Usually I give Lamborghinis the priority (my zodiac sign has nothing to do about it I swear), but the 288 GTO, F40 and the Testarossa are among my favorites to come from Maranello. It’s a tight contest here. I haven’t had the luck of driving either, nor even getting to see them in the flesh, but internet helps a lot in that case.

Two things, good and bad.

Good: The attention to detail of the Tomica Premium line is second to none in the price class. Both the cars benefited very well from the strength, especially the Lambo, which had separate head as well as tail lamps. My friend could be forgiven for thinking that the Lambo was from Kyosho, based on the side shot.


The bad: Wheels. My lord, the wheels of the Lambo would never stay at the angle I wanted them to be. Why Tomy, why.

Erm, I never wanted that much camber on my Lambo, Tomy.


No complaints thereafter.

The wheels, again. Note the tail lamps on the Countach though. Marvelous.


Thanks for stopping by! Have an awesome weekend!