Big things with little cars

It is weird to live in a world where a Rangie Evoque and a G63 AMG share the same overall length. But I won’t complain. MBX world is weird alright, but it is quite good given the cost you need to live in it.

The G63 6x6 rocked the world when it was launched. It was a slap in the face of those who were unprivileged; brutish, luxurious and incredibly massive, the G63 trod a path rarely taken by mainstream automakers. Anyway, there was little doubt about just how desirable it really was.

Come 2017, and MBX gifts us with this.


There is little (scrap that, there is practically nothing) to dislike in this little budget diecast. Personally I wish MBX will do a premium version of this (after all this began life as a Toy Fair model) so that all the details missing from this will appear (wish I could take the custom path but these are so rare here, I barely managed to get this from a local collector who brought down a few extras). That is not a complaint at all, just a wish.

Imagine this with all the grille and front bumper details.
Equally at home conquering a marshland or blazing through Saharan dunes

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