Man, Target has REALLY come through for me the last few days!!! Went to the one by my office today and they’re still behind everyone else, but they had just finished stocking their first A case. So digging through the pegs, I first found two of the Rig Storm regular Treasure Hunts, which I am very happy about because the Rig Storm looks like one of those crazy semi-trucks that they race in hill climbs like Pikes Peak. That’s why my favorite regular TH from last year was the Time Tracker.

Anyways, after getting towards the top (I started at the bottom and worked my way up) and nearing the end, I was starting to lose hope, but I just new there was a Super in there somewhere. And then I found it. The Tesla Roadster Super Treasure Hunt!!!! This is probably my favorite Super so far (I only have 3, lol). And no for the pics!!!