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Super Vans

Today I received a HWEP from Shop-teacher...and the contents got me thinking...


Here we see the L-case ZAMAC Super Van beside one of my childhood favorites. I’m honestly not sure what the original paint scheme was, but it’s ZAMAC now, too...thanks to years of play.

I’ve got a couple other Super Vans, but it seems I’ve spaced and completely missed this year’s white Super Van. I’ve had it in my hands probably 4 or 5 different times and likely decided “I’ve already got this one...”. Except I don’t.

LaLD...I throw myself at your mercy...anyone out there have a spare white Super Van they’d like to trade to me?


EDIT: it pays to look through your spares. I literally just found an unopened white Super Van in a bag with a bunch of other unopened cars.

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