A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, this car was made (much like the real thing, it was made in Italy!). It was bought or stollen and after that, no one knew of it until 2007 or 2008, when I bought it from a garage sale for $5. It was playworn but still nice. It was my first (out of two) 1/18 Lamborghinis (for being my favorite brand I seriously need moar). I’m too lazy to give background of the model, so just Google it.

Accuracy: 10/10

Body and scale seem to be fine and the wheels are REALLY well done. I mean, they even say Pirelli P Zero on the side and give the correct tire size (245 on the front, 335 on the back). The engine is the most perfect engine for under $50 new. It is constructed of about 10-15 metal and plastic pieces. It is fully replicated, and, I have read, can be removed to make a nice display piece, but I have no desire to.

Fit and Finish: 5/10

For the most part its pretty good, but SO MUCH PANEL GAP. OMG THAT PANEL GAP.


Features: 7/10

Standard stuff: frunk, engine cover, and doors. But to open the doors you have to slide these little pins back, so that’s neat.


Value: 10/10

It was $5. Nuff said.


Rarity: 6/10

I didn’t find a whole bunch but I didn’t search for that long.


Total: 38/50

Should you get one? Yes, unless you aren’t a Lambo fanboi like me or you don’t like yellow, because that’s the only color I found for this. Other than that, its a matter of taste. I found several new for around $30, so overall a great value.