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SuperFly Brainstorm Session 1: What type of car should I use?

Philipilihp’s custom 510 wagon for the LaLD10kgiveaway

So now that the SuperFly custom build is live and we know all the details, it’s time to pick which Hot Wheels casting you want to choose. Let’s talk about some advantages and disadvantages as well as some good examples of the routes you can take.

First one is the obvious choice: JDM, yo. There’s no doubt anything Japanese will be a hit. However, be careful not to blend in. The Datsun 510 wagon has been customized so many times, it might be hard to stand out. Even our logo is of the crazy popular cast.

I know it’s not a Hot Wheels car, bear with me... SPI’s killer Foxbody Mustang

Muscle cars are another popular route you could take but there’s a similar problem with the JDM cars; there’s so many to choose from! This could be both good and bad I suppose. There’s enough variety to be unique, but at the same time it might be too easy to get lost in the sea of castings.

Tinfoil’s lifted FJ Landcruiser

Another option is a badass lifted truck. Tipp... I mean TinfoilHat has mastered the art and even has developed a kit for custom chassis. But, your choices may be limited since the build has to use a Hot Wheels car. This rules out this awesome landcruiser because it’s a matchbox...

Darvz’s Military Outlaw

Another obvious choice would be the 356 Outlaw, especially since Magnus Walker will be on the judges panel. We’ve already had a ton of killer Outlaw customs too, so this may be the way to go. The downside is this casting will probably be verrrry popular.

Tinfoil’s Escort 9000 Drag car

Or you could go with the outside the box route! You’ll definitely stand out, but will certainly take the most time and effort.


What do you guys think? What are you thinking of using as the base for your build? What other options are out there? This is the first of a few brainstorming sessions to help get the juices juicing.

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