Big things with little cars

Let’s talk about wheels and paint today.

What are you learning towards for shoes for your customs? I feel like Real Riders are a must, but also a well matched mainline wheel can make the same impact. Of course, if you have the means then you can create your own wheels too.

Personally, I think it depends on your build. I’m thinking about creating an SRT-10 Ram out of the lifted Hot Wheels 1500. Id probably keep it simple and steal the wheels off this Charger.


Of course paint depends on your build too. There’s a basic respray, two-tone, pinstriping and also spectraflame or spectrafrost if you wanted to get creative. I’ve done matte before and I’ve also done high gloss, although in my experience it’s been the glossier the harder it is to get a smooth finish.

You can great real crazy and print your own decals or go for a rusted out look like Bttfdmc1984 did!

What are you leaning towards?

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