Superfly Entry: Miggy's Food Truck

Here’s a build post of my Custom submitted at Superfly’s Hotwheels Competition.

So first of all, I don’t have much pics but. Here’s all i got. Second, It’s a Hotwheels Dodge Ram 1500. And i added wide rear flared to the body from a Hotwheels Mixer.


So let’s get to the part where i paint them.

So basically my theme is White Yellow And Blue.

Painted the base yellow, interior blue, body white.

As you can see in the picture... The food truck at the back was scratch built using Sintra Board. And it can move. I used a hinge or you can also use pins.

So here it is!


The design was stickers. I didn’t have much time if i painted it instead.

It is also detailed inside with shelfs and a Coca Cola Dispenser seen at the finished product.


So here is the Finished Product!


So basically, That’s it!

Alright!, what do you think? Do i have a chance? Haha! @darvz_customs


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