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SuperFly's Custom Build is Live!

The rules are pretty simple, you can enter any custom Hot Wheels you want, but only one entry per person.

The Hot Wheels designers, Magnus Walker, and SuperFly Mag staff will choose their top 25. From there, a panel of judges will then pick their top 5 and those winners will get all kinds of prizes. All 25 cars will be featured in SuperFly Magazine.


The deadline to enter is June 2nd. 3-5 photos must be submitted, but collages are encouraged.

Full details and how to enter here:…

The “fine print” rules:…

Top pic by our friend mycustomhotwheels

So let’s all help each other out, whether it’s with creative brainstorming, if you need a specific set of wheels, if you get stuck, whatever. Let’s all work together to get as many LaLDers into that top 25!


Good luck and have fun!

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