Now that I have a mountain of material I need to sell on, I should keep looking for more stuff. Right? This weekend I am visiting my mom, and the small town where she lives has a new collectible and toy shop. I had to take a peek, and was surprised by the selection - lots of diecast. In the mix I found a selection of Pocket Cars, and picked out some goodies:

Top row: Beetle, 928, Lincoln

Bottom row: McLaren, Tyrell, Ferrari, Porsche.

At around $6 apiece, I couldn’t say no. They had numerous other Pocket Cars too, some trucks and similar along with some vintage style cars and duplicate racing cars. Do I need these? Of course not. They might be sold on with the hoard.

The store had a long aisle of toys, mainly vehicles. Not much that I collect. A highlight for some would be a ton of 1985-88 or so Matchbox, still carded. At least 100 cars. Not a bad deal at $2.50 apiece, but I already have dozens of them to sell, and my price will be a bit lower.

Or maybe I have a time machine, and went back to 1982?

On the topic of the hoard sale, the new addition to the pile along with being away much of this weekend and next, means the sale will be pushed back. Maybe the first weekend in June will be the sale date. I have a basic inventory, but have yet to divide it into lots or photograph anything.


On the topic of time machine, the machine might actually be this old radio, in this clip playing a song from 1936 (I think some get a kick out of this kind of thing):

Maybe I choose a station with music from a certain year, and it takes me back so I can discreetly purchase diecast.


That is all.