I shared some buildings on a prior Saturday post, here’s another I have collecting dust in my hoard. This is a (likely) 60s vintage Aral station. Aral is a fuel station brand from Germany, now owned by BP, I think, but the brand still exists.

I got this building for free from a local guy who buys trains, and had some old Matchbox for sale. It has a slight roof warp, but I don’t mind, as it is probably 50 or more years old. It is the perfect place to pose some HO scale fintails, and that Tatra I showed earlier. The building is very detailed, with scenes in the windows and that kind of hard foam foliage that breaks up when you touch it. It is plastic, but the base is some kind of wood or paper composite. Here are some views:


I am not sure who the maker is, as there were many model railroad accessory makers during the era, and many do not seem to exist today. It’s a neat thing to put on a shelf, for free. That is all.