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Surprise Saturday: Majorette Super Movers Car Carrier

It’s been awhile since there has been a Surprise Saturday. This is just a quick look rather than a review. The subject of today’s post is the gem I kept from the hoard, the Majorette Super Movers 3092 car carrier:

This set brings up some childhood sentimentality, as I had all of these castings in my fleet when I was a kid. Sierra, Alfa 75, Volvo, 190E, Saab, I remember them all. This set is relatively easy to date - the Alfa entered the range in 1988, and the Saab was made until 1988. 1988 is a good guess for this set. In my fleet, the Saab and Sierra were blue, but this will do. These are all nice castings, with suspension, opening doors, some with lenses for lights. The truck is a nice casting too. I had a loose Gefco truck like this in the hoard, and the numerous Majorettes I sold probably came from a set like this - shop teacher is now the lucky owner. But this set, in box, is a keeper for me.


The box reverse shows a few different castings of the same era:

One side of the box features the original price sticker. I notice an “88" in the code, maybe a date code. This box also wears what I believe is the original tape holding the end flaps shut. I have yet to DLM this one, but I doubt I will be able to hold off forever, especially as the box will be able to remain intact if I open it:


This set in a slightly older looking box is listed for a decent amount on ebay:


And not just asking price, one in a similar box also brought a healthy sum:


Not a bad souvenir of the hoard.

That is all.


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