It’s the weekend, I am pretty free today, time to start sorting through the hoard. First task is to clean the attic dust off that accumulated on some items, and to start sorting for an eventual inventory leading to sale. I started off with the flat box some may remember from the second hoard pics, with Majorettes on top. First, here’s what was in the ground layer:

The semis are Ertl. The rest is a mix of Ertl and off-brand stuff, with a couple HW.

I know someone likes old square body GM trucks, here are a few, along with some VWs, as I know a certain someone here is into those along with the oddball branded material:

I also found another Cannonball Run car, this one has some miles on it:


Most of this material isn’t mint, and will be cheap (or free).

Next up, the Majorettes from the top layer, a nice little selection:


Most of these are mint or near mint, only a couple have more than a couple chips, and there’s a range of ages in this lot. There are a few not marked France (or with any country of origin), I suspect from the time when a few were offshored in the very early 90s before production ran to low cost areas - cars like the XJ40, blue Thunderbird, Fratelli style Jeep have no country of origin, etc, but most are France. The car hauler is the same as the boxed one in the first chapter of the hoard, but I don’t know what cars came with it aside from the Volvos, as they are France and I suspect have been in the carrier since new. I also don’t know which trailers went with which vehicles - I just put them where they fit. Majorette put tow hooks on most vehicles, and had a wide range of two piece sets, so it may not be possible to tell. The Ford van towing the race car has an unusual apparatus, hooking to the nose of the car.

I suspect these are the ones people will like most:


The blue Sierra gives me the most childhood feels, although I had a few of these as a kid. I suspect I will sell them all though, maybe keep the Sierra (and the boxed hauler).

Speaking of the hauler, I did a little research, not the easiest as there is less data out there about Majorette than larger brands. I was able to discover that the Saab ended production in 1988, and the Alfa started production in 1988. 1988 must be the year for this set (assuming the cars are original to the box):


Before I got started, I decided to stop by a yard sale near me, suspecting there might be something of interest. I found this assortment:

Military Dinky, Lesney Matchbox, and Authenticast, along with the Marx tank. These probably date from around 1960.


They came with a bunch of old plastic soldiers (and one old west figure):

Not what I collect, but at $1 for the lot, I couldn’t say no. These will be for sale with the rest of the hoard, and won’t be expensive.


Next up, sort through those blue HW display cases (they’ll be free if anyone wants them, I feel bad throwing them out, I don’t want them), then on to organizing. I know there are some odd things in the HW cases, I might post a few pics later today.

This is what I have in front of me, filling the entrance to my place:


If anyone wants to buy a hoard and is in the PNW (wouldn’t want to ship this), let me know :)

That is all.