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Surprise Saturday: Still on Card

Nearly every piece I acquire gets freed from its packaging soon after arrival, but not this one.

The casting inside is an ordinary Range Rover Fire Department truck towing a water trailer, which is a common casting pairing. The packaging on the other hand, that’s something I hadn’t seen before.


Normally, this casting pairing shows up on a long red card, or in the blister packaging common in the 80s and 90s. This packaging is for the Japanese market, paired with a roll of candy, and I believe it dates from the late 1990s.

In the Japanese market, Majorettes are often sold in the candy+toy aisle in Kabaya supermarkets, among other places, paired with a small piece/roll of candy.

I picked this up on my trip to Japan in May 2017 in a hobby shop - it was something I’d never seen before, and it was quite inexpensive. I won’t be opening it, since the casting is nothing irregular, and the candy is too old to sample.

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