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Surprise Thursday - Unexpected Find At The Gilmore Car Museum

I’m on the last leg of my trip, and visited the Gilmore Car Museum today. Amazing place, well-worth the 2 hour drive from the insane traffic zoo known as Detroit:

I found a surprise there:


In the gift shop, there was a basket full of diecast - initially appeared to just be late model HW DLM’d and thrown in the basket. But a slower glance showed some 90s material, so I dug in just for laughs. In the pile, I found this nice Lesney Matchbox Jeep Gladiator with barely a chip on it.

After removing this from the pile, I examined every vehicle in the basket. There were a couple lightly worn 80s-90s HWs and a Yatming custom van, mixed in among the moderns. I didn’t need those, but I couldn’t resist this as a souvenir. Not a rare or valuable model, and even a little outside of my collecting window, but this sweet little truck needed to come home with me. For $3, it wasn’t a bad deal.


The museum itself is really something, more like several small museums on one campus. Not much diecast in the displays, but there is an area with several shelves of nice tin toys, like this:


One one of these shelves was a nice Bandai fintail:


That is all.

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