Sunday again, and the weekend is going fast!

I made a brief visit to a Toyeast Tiny product sometime back, the Toyota Hiace. It was a testament to the Tiny’s potential as a serious 1:64 contender in the mid - tier. Here comes another local fave from Tiny - The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado (known as just Land Cruiser in some markets).

Facelifted KRJ150R, superseded by the 2nd facelift recently.

The actual car is immensely popular in Sri Lanka, and is frequently sought after by the rich as their mode of transport (they cost a fortune and a half to buy, and another half to maintain). Unfortunately most people pamper them so well and keep them strictly on the tarmac, despite the car being one of the most capable off roaders currently available.

To the toy (no, the die cast model!) now.

First impressions are incredible. The casting is decent with accurate proportions. This makes the Tiny a camera magnet in a vast range of angles, especially from the high forward three-quarter view. Separate front headlamps are mated to a neatly crafted grille, and the front end is devoid of anything that can induce blame.


The Toyota logo is actually crafted into the grille.
No fogs, but can ignore that.

Move over to the sides and the concerns begin. The first is the opening doors feature (why on earth, why). I was never a fan of opening features on a 1:64 and never will be. Then the wheels. Tiny missed a golden opportunity with the wheels. They are largely inoffensive and try to be quite faithful to the real deal, but the execution fails them. The window trim is nothing to be too happy about either, but that is largely okay. The side mirrors are stunning, with incredible detail, and the mud flaps are lovely. Ground clearance and the wheel spacing are brilliant.


The rear presents us with more detail and boy they are nice. The Prado badge on the license plate garnish is pure brilliance (no smeared badges here) and the spare wheel cover is superbly crafted. The painted tail lights are not the best (separate tail lamps could have landed this in Kyosho territory) but not a major concern as well. The lower rear three-quarter view is simply amazing.

Do NOT miss the rear defroster and spoiler mounted stop lamp!



Overall it is a beautiful model which was failed by a so - so execution. More in the league of Tomica Premium rather than Kyosho.


Thanks for stopping by! Have an awesome weekend!