Big things with little cars

Well I went to a diecast swap meet this past Sunday and I picked up these.

The blue Saab is a Majorette with opening doors and a few paint scratches. The Copper Rover is a Matchbox Superfast with the sliding sunroof.


I also picked up the two carded Matchbox and the Transit Supervan Hot Wheels as none of them have shown up so far in any Toronto-area store I visit. I’d guess that the Heritage Real Riders batch with the Supervan never showed up, as the Altered Ego and Bubble Gunner from Wave 1 warmed the pegs everywhere for quite a long time, and further Waves (both Real Riders and Redlines) weren’t ordered.

Most booths just had carded Hot Wheels from the last dozen years and Johnny Lightning from the last dozen years. A couple had a number of trays of loose 80s Hot Wheels in decent condition, including a few Omni 024s, Citations, and LeCars, but they were priced a bit high for their condition (scratched/poor or cracked paint/mildly bent axles), so I didn’t pick any up. A couple of the other booths had boxed Tomicas from the early 2000s and various uncarded Matchbox New Superfast, but I didn’t bring enough money to get the 3 for $25 deal, and didn’t want to pay $10 each.

Overall, it was a pretty cool experience for my first time, and I’ll probably go again next month - it’s a monthly thing.

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