Swap meet score!

Today’s swap meet journey was largely uneventful, save for a few randoms.

MBX Volvo container truck with Pirelli logos and detaching cover. MBX Rover Sterling (825 over here, I think). Chinese Porsche 928 or 948, not sure which one. And Maisto Ford Granada 2.3 with Red Cross logos. Nothing really outstanding until I got to this guy:


I thought for a second it was a Chevy Nova, but up closer, it is in fact an Opel Olympia from Siku.

Jeweled headlights made me think Impy at first, but lack of opening hood and boot negated that.


Separate red piece of plastic for the taillights.


Opening doors!


A nice little addition, if I do say so.

Also, last week’s HAWL:


Lightly play worn Lesneys: Ford Zephyr, Bedford Tipper ( no tailgate) Studebaker Lark Wagonaire, Opel Diplomat, Ford Cortina, Dodge Wreck truck.

thanks for looking!

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