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SWB Dodge A100 Van (Very SWB)

I felt like it needed racing slicks. I think I made the right call.

The sun isn’t quite cooperating today, but one of my New Years resolutions was to stop posting so many indoor pictures. So... Here’s the byproduct of that.


Those headlights need another coat of white. I don’t believe the headlight casting is accurate. I decided to paint what they made. I believe there should be a rather large chrome ring around the actually small headlights.    

I’ve painted this van 4 times. There’s always a piece of the seam showing. And... there still is on this other side.


Thanks to M2 Quality Control being as bad as it is. I’ll be hiding this side anyway due to lack of tire lettering on the front wheel.


Oh well, I’m pretty pleased with it. Might go for another round of clear coat to get rid of that orange peal.

Thanks for checkin out my stuff.

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