Here I’ve two Matchbox Volvos from a few years ago. The gold one is the Volvo C30 hatchback and the silver SUV is the XC90. Both are first-generation of their respective models, and I got them way back when MBX was still available freely in Malaysia. I always chose these ‘odd’ subjects because I love cars, and the rarer they are, the more I’ll try my best to add them to my collection!

Give a child a choice between a Ferrari or a Volvo diecast, and chances are said child would go for the vehicle from Maranello, Italy rather than a car from Gothenburg, Sweden right? But I digress... Anyways enjoy the pictures! Have a good day everyone!

The Swedish duo!
The C30 is perfectly replicated here.
Taillight and headlight tampos are a nice touch but what’s that? A Volvo logo on the number plate area? Cool!
Can’t get enough of this shape!


Look closely and you can see that Matchbox replicated the extra two rear seats at the back of the car.
No headlight tampos or Volvo badge...
But the rear gets taillight tampos, Volvo badge under the wiper and also the XC90 badging. Neat!