Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Mar 23 2018
PURPLE. Custom McLaren P1

This is a mere Hot Wheels, and the first one I’ve shown for Car Week. However, it’s purple, and it’s a car that no

Feb 22 2018
Customs Dump.

Just some customs I’ve finished as of late. They all have stock paint and decals (hot wheels makes ‘em just perfect

Feb 20 2018
Made in Great Britain!

Featuring today, some of Britain’s finest and fastest! A Morris Mini by Hot Wheels (customized by me), A Norev Aston

Nov 30 2017
A Pair of Brits

Most of us have these two, but I haven’t seen many images of them together. So here they are! They’re a great

Oct 10 2017

After my trip to the BMW CCA Foundation for their Heroes of Bavaria display I stopped by the Zentrum. I was

Oct 9 2017
Mopar Monday

I cracked open this Mecum line model from Greenlight and boy, am I happy I did! The second one I was going to crack