Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Aug 18

I’ll take better pics later but just finished this RX7.

Jul 28
1968 Chevy Nova Custom

I’ll take some better photos later I just wanted to fuck with new Kinja. Man this sucks. But DT has me bummed out

May 29
Custom R34

I entered this build into a contest I knew I had no chance of winning my class. I ran out of time and started

May 17
Lego race car transporter

I decided to do a double decker race trailer for two of my Speed Champions cars that would never actually be hauled

Oct 24
Jimny Swap + WIPs

Been somewhat quiet here, IG and on Drivetribe. But I’ve been busy working on projects and such. Recently I picked

Sep 13 2019
ORAT 4Runner Friday

Finished this 4Runner up last night. The flex is a little stiffer than I would like but I think I did well on the

Sep 2 2019
Murder, Inc.

Safe to say I’m on a bit of a kick right now. Also, I accidentally ordered two cans of flat black, so hey... might