Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Jun 27 2016
2016 New EDC Poll!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the vote for the new 2016 EDC is here. As a recap, about a year ago, I selected 8 cars as

Jun 25 2016
Farewell EDC Vega

A sad day has dawn upon us, it’s time to say goodbye to my EDC Vega. For those that aren’t sure what I’m talking

Jun 20 2016
The Final Frontier

I briefly talked about a fascinating trip for the EDC Vega in my previous post and finally was able to go thanks to

Mar 6 2016
EDC Vega is Back!

You may remember a couple days ago my EDC Vega got into a little accident. Now the Vega has returned and better than

Mar 3 2016
EDC Mishap

The EDC Vega got into a little accident today... oops. The hood took the majority of the hit and the shop mechanic

Jan 10 2016
EDC 2016

A new year meaning new look for my EDC Vega as well as new adventures laying ahead. I was surprised how well the

Sep 2 2015
New Use For Sunscreen

The Vega has found a wasp, one of God’s cruelest creations. Didn’t have any wasp spray on hand but did find