Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Jul 19 2019
Friday Ford Shenanigans

Kowalski drove his Ram, today. Some buddies came by... with Mustangs... they didn’t want me driving the Falcon.

Jun 8 2018
Ford Friday Mix

Just a few shots of some of the Fords in my collection. I believe Greenlight makes the best Ford GT in 1/64 scale.

May 17 2018
Mopar Hour Rule

You know Kowalski is a happy camper, just by looking at what’s in the garage. Mopar or no car.

Jan 23 2018
Went to Rural King...

It was the first time I’ve ever gone to one; it’s best described as a country-themed Walmart. I went because mrsztp

Sep 15 2016
Late Night eBay Find

While casually browsing eBay, I came across something I never expected to exist: a diecast of the Ford EXP coupe.

Mar 13 2016

So this is probably a noob realizing the obvious, but I was browsing through the far section of the toy isle at

Dec 15 2015
Database Photo Dump!

I’ve been taking a boatload of pictures of cars in my collection this week for an online database. Figured I’d share

Apr 30 2015

Last Sunday I went to TSC to pick up a solenoid and bolts so my lawn mower won’t shake itself to death. I got the