Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Nov 29 2017
A Few Fords

Here’s a little Then & Now assemblage of my own. It’s a pretty nice little grouping!

Oct 31 2017
I entered a photo contest

I thought you guys might like to see this before/after set of images. I’ve entered them in a photo editing contest,

Sep 25 2016

Did the K-Day yesterday and like others, did not find much in the boxes but did wander around the store and found a

Aug 31 2016
Walgreens Update

During my lunch break, I stopped by the Walgreens where I found the Gran Turismo series last week. They had the

Aug 23 2016
Genealogy of GT

A review was originally planned for the HW 2017 Ford GT. But subsequent mods and schoolwork made it impossible at

Dec 6 2015
Study Buddies

Final exams (and the Revalida) are coming up soon. Thanks to these MBX Ford GTs, I’m not too lonely while studying!