Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Jul 4

Welcome to Past Hot Sixty 4th in which I showcase some of my previous post from other social media. Click on the link and enjoy.

Nov 2
Van-Tastic HWEP

I bid goodbye to the Ford Galaxie Team Transport. It is now being much, much better appreciated by The Bell King. In

Oct 23
Lensed Wednesday

Lensed details are soooo much better than painted details. Oh, ya... and the Ford GT from Greenlight is pretty

Sep 30 2019
Mercedes for Monday

How about this Schuco?!?!?! I really think this piece is fabulous! Lensed inserts for all the lights... I hope you

Aug 15 2019
LALD Car Week: 1980s

Well I was planning to post some DeLoreans, then I saw some others had the same idea. So I decided to go with

Apr 9 2019
Greenlight, tell me:

Where are you hiding the road-course trims of your IndyCars? I’m pretty sure you have them, you’re just not putting

Mar 14 2019
Hour Rule

Greenlight did an AWESOME job on this casting. The flake in the paint and the DETAILS! eeeek(: I can’t wait to go