Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Nov 2
Not the color I wanted

I airbrushed this Bimmer in Tamiya Sunrise Yellow over silver. I feel like it came out asparagus pee yellow. I may

Jul 29 2019
Diecast Musings
  1. Here’s a dilemma: That Toys ‘r’ Us BRE 370Z NISMO isn’t exactly a car I like, but I’ve already opened it, which sort
Jul 13 2019
New setup

These are my makeshift shooting spaces. They’re not much, but they’re fairly serviceable.

Feb 20 2019
Well that can't be good

Losing the cardboard wing restraints have led to the wing's droop getting worse. What's the solution to this? Hot

Nov 29 2017
LaLD crew, assemble!

Completely unrelated to diecast, but do you like short horror stories? If so, I want your help! I had an idea and

Aug 20 2017
LaLD Python Vote

Which car should I restore, which car should I leave alone, or should I restore them both?

Mar 7 2017
How to?

I bought a set of Burago cars and two came with the wheels off of one corner. I can’t seem to find any information

Jan 8 2017

When I went to look for Hot Wheels worth blowing Php500 for, I found the Käfer Racer, the beige Fairlady 2000, and