Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Oct 2 2016
GT2-Am Tesla

A little photo gallery of my Tesla GT2-Am. I’m sending it out to Uly tomorrow.

Sep 18 2016
Gt2-AM Late Entry

So, I guess I just got randomly inspired and built this car over about a few days of occasional work. It’s the new

Aug 28 2016
LaLD GP update!!

Welcome LaLD race fans! The time for the first LaLD GP is a ticking. Updates here after the jump.

Jun 4 2016
LALD GT3 Mock-Up

Still decidingon which aeropackage and wheel options to go with. Also, please pardon the messy workbench, lol. I’ve

May 16 2016
My GT2-Am

I got started on my LaLD GPcars today so I figured I would go ahead and throw some pictures up. I’m still trying to

Nov 20 2015
BRE Datsun ...truck?

Finally finished this. Some of my paint ran an bit and my decals smudged a little, but I’m happy with it. Once the

Jun 9 2015
Widebody Pontiac Solstice

So, a few days ago fellow member Wheelerguy pointed out to me EL_ULY’s GT3 contest. I was hooked right away and