Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Sep 22 2019
Evening Project

I got bored yesterday evening so I decided to play around with the colorshift paint again. I had been thinking about

Nov 27 2018
Latest Custom

I tried out a little bit of snow on this mini diorama of an abandoned r33. The camera is having a hard time picking

Sep 4 2018
The Parts Dept. part 1

I’ve decided to give up some of my parts secrets, accumulated/earned over years of hunting and digging. You can’t

Jul 17 2018
British Racing Tuesday

I guess I never really updated on you all on this project. Shes been done for a while, sitting pretty on display in

Jun 28 2018
McLaren F1/P1 custom

Finally!!! I have been working on this custom for sometime and had to redo is a few times. I finally was able to

Jun 22 2018
Test Fit Teaser

The interior piece and the new window pieces are still jockeying for position, but it will all work out. The wheels

Mar 5 2018
Made by hand Monday

Yeah I know the title is a stretch but its British and made by craftsmen (& women). Anyway, the most recent release

Feb 13 2018
Tuesday Table Update!

I know the title is a stretch, but I just had some spare time for some quick pics of what I’m working on. It’s cold