Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Aug 24 2019
Oooo Barracuda

All I can think about is the Heart song. Then I listened to it. It is still a great song. Just like this car.

Aug 17 2019
Car week: 1960’s 1/18th

This is my 1/18th scale Ertl collectibles 1969 Plymouth Road Runner. I have about 200 1/64 mopar cars from the

Jan 21 2019
Rookie of the Year!

Hi LaLD! Hope all is well. Today I have the 2003 Jamie McMurray Havoline Rookie of the Year Color Chrome. This is

May 17 2018
Mopar Hour Rule

You know Kowalski is a happy camper, just by looking at what’s in the garage. Mopar or no car.

Oct 9 2017
Mopar Monday

I cracked open this Mecum line model from Greenlight and boy, am I happy I did! The second one I was going to crack

Aug 28 2017

I had seen this Dodge Challenger Matchbox casting a long time ago but I always left it on the pegs. For some

Apr 7 2017
Premium HW Hawl Time

I’m definitely done for a while. I’ll just let the pictures do the talking. Hope you enjoy the eye candy...

Mar 6 2017
Mopar Monday: Mother's Worry

From Maisto’s Muscle Machines, we have this tooned 1968 Dodge Dart with the moniker ‘MOTHER’S WORRY’ on each door.