Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Jul 19 2019
Friday Ford Shenanigans

Kowalski drove his Ram, today. Some buddies came by... with Mustangs... they didn’t want me driving the Falcon.

Jun 1 2019
That went well...

Sme days I think to myself, don’t bother doing any hunting today. It’ll be a bust. You won’t find anything. Today

Apr 30 2019
Real Smoke This Time!

This time we tried to use real smoke! I hope you like it this photography technique. What do you think about it?

Mar 26 2019
Damaged goods

Lunch break find at Target today! Why is it always the Supers that get packed poorly and torn up in the case? This

Aug 1 2018
Wildcard Wednesday

Beads! (not Kyosho). I commissioned this incredible piece from an Instagram user with American Indian heritage,

Jul 31 2018
Teutonic Tuesday: WIP Whips

Like usual, I have a bunch of projects running concurrently. I’m a little ADD when it comes to customs projects, and

Jul 23 2018
Chase Day

Let’s keep this day of chases going with a weekend find