Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Aug 14 2019
LALD Car Week: 1990s

The original NSX (Honda or Acura) was most definitely an iconic 90s sports car. Some might even call it a supercar.

Jul 29 2018
NSX GT3 advice?

Hey everybody! I’ve been a commenter for a little while now and have been tuning in when I can to LaLD, and I’m

Jun 7 2017

Myself and Camshaft Chris on Friday with some new stuff

Apr 8 2017
NSX meets Prisma

Got this beautiful HotWheels NSX yesterday and I think this colour fits perfect. I am not that ricer-fan, but this

Nov 1 2016
The Acuras are coming.

They Came! I got these through my work to complete the set. I have a Volcanic Red NSX too, as well as several

Apr 18 2016
Small HAWL

Not a lot to say here. Bought the Thunderbird and Mercedes from a friend, and the other two are of course just big