Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Jul 13
"Custom Mustang" review

This one is a special request by vdubyajohn as I originally posted about this on IG. Let’s talk about Mattel/Hot

May 12 2019
It has been a long while

Just a little short of a year actually. I’ve lurked and made a few hweps here and there. Basically, I got tired of

Feb 26 2019

In the Redline era, Hot Wheels was keen on the awesome wedge concepts of the late 60's/early 70's. Went to a local

Nov 16 2018
Friday Foto Dump

I’ve been trying to post a daily picture to my diecast Instagram (camshaft_chris_collects_cars) lately, but I’m

Oct 14 2018
I Am So Weak

I must have turned my nose up at these half a dozen times. But there I was in Safeway and they were just sitting

Oct 31 2016
Happy Halloween

Here are a couple of the 2009 Walmart-exclusive Fright Cars series, which I stumbled across at a flea market 8 days

Mar 10 2016
Fortuitous Hawl

Out running errands today, just “happened” to run by the Target I hadn’t been to for a while and lo and behold, I

Mar 9 2016
Wheel-Swap Wednesday

I liked the Redlines, but these really give it more of that classic TransAm (the race series) look. Plus, I needed

Aug 10 2015

Went to a Walmart closet to work and found this waiting for me.

Aug 8 2015
[CUSTOM] Staff Car - CopyCar

Here’s a Staff Car I finished up tonight. It’s part of my ‘CopyCars’ series. You know, the cars that are just stupid

Aug 6 2015

Thanks to my local collector buddy and LaLD lurker, I have Redlines! I’m very lucky to be friends with such an ....

Jul 15 2015
Hot Wheels: Redlines-1969

It became clear from the start that Hot Wheels cars earned their name, moving off the pegs as quickly as they rolled